Welcome to the first blog post for the Barking Mules Farm!

Welcome to the first blog post for the Barking Mules Farm!

Some of you may be scratching your heads and saying," but you post stuff all the time?" 

That is true. I have experimented with being lazy and have mainly posted things from Instagram and then tapped the share over to Facebook option and voila! 

This blog post is a new beginning! 

I spend a lot of my time working on the farm by myself. I often have the benefit of help from friends and family, but I am often alone. Don't think me sad or lonely, I have my books. (That's not supposed to sound sad or lonely)

What I mean to communicate is that I have my earphones in almost everyday and whether I am out on the tractor pushing snow or in the barn feeding animals, I have an audiobook going most of the time. Sometimes I get distracted and have to hit pause and sometimes i just get tired of a voice in my head and I'll toss on some music, but I've listened to more books than I have ever had the patience to read.

Anyway,  most recently I have been listening to Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon, actually the Steal Like An Artist Audio Trilogy. I got the tip about this book from a friend in Germany that posted about it on Facebook. I fully recommend it to anyone that likes to be creative and share online.

I download books from Audible every month. I started doing this when I was a truck driver, I hauled fuel up and down the same boring stretch of highway everyday, sometimes twice a day. I would listen to Top 40 radio until my brain would scream enough. Sometimes I would just drive in "silence", listening to the whine of the turbo. 

That's when I discovered podcasts and then audiobooks, mostly from podcast recommendations. It became my Rolling University. 

This blog post is the result of advice from this Steal Like An Artist audiobook. The Author advises that you should have a domain for creativity. A place that you keep your work and work on things that you may post or may never see the light of day, but it needs to be your space. This domain has sat rather idle since its inception and that's something that I hope to change by regularly creating content here to share.